Friday, April 20, 2012

Missed flight for the first time :)

Location : Starbucks LCCT
Time : 3.07 pm

Yup :) I just missed my flight. KL-MYY. 
I don't know if this is entirely my fault, but .. hmm, i'll let you judge this time. 

My flight was supposed to be at 12.50pm. I reached LCCT around 12.00pm, hung out talking to my babe, Angie in the car until around 12.15pm. 
Oh, and I already checked in since last night. 

I went into departure hall around 12.20pm, and I saw my gate P5, and there were many people sitting down, which made me 'assumed' that we haven't board yet. 
So, I waited and waited. And I can't recall if there was any announcement made. 
All I could remember was, they did call out a boy's name, and that boy hurriedly walked out of the hall.

So, I was a fool too. I admit. 
So, I missed the flight. I asked why didn't they call out my name ( BECAUSE I'VE CHECKED IN, in the system, i supposed i am a 'missing' passenger ), they said they no longer practice calling out names. 

Me: How about the boy?
Officer: Oh, maybe because he 'dropped his IC' or something. We just need to identify him.

Very 'reasonable' indeed.

But what pissed me off was that, 
1) We often hear names being called out, especially passengers who have checked in but haven't board. Why no call my name laaaa ? Aiyo ... 
2 ) What's the point of doing head count, if it's not to make sure ALL your passengers are on board ? 

Well, whatever it is, what sadden me the MOST is that, hmm, missed flight = new flight ticket = MONEY ! 

So my dad has to fork out extra RM150 as a penalty , in addition to the already paid RM 400 for my return flight ticket. 

Daddy, I'm sorry. I promise I will be a good girl and will never disappoint you.

Lesson learnt. Moral of the story:
1) NEVER EVER EVER take things for granted. We might think they will, sometimes they WON'T.
2) Don't be a FOOL. Keep waiting won't solve problems. ACTION does !

Ok la.. 
Need to go into the departure hall now. I'm gonna go in ONE HOUR earlier. Stand besides the gate, be the first to board,  if possible. Hahaha ! 

Miri, see u at sunset. KL, don't miss me :) I'll be back :) 

Muka kerisauan earlier. Tau pun risau. Tapi no action taken. A slap to my face. Haahhaah !

Don't worry. Itu tadi. Now sudah happy. As long as I get to see my family soooon. Enjoying my Chocolate Cream Chip :)