Monday, July 20, 2015

T minus 10 days

Finally, it's down to ten more days before I officially leave this office. 
It's no more a secret to the team. 

How do I assure them that this is solely my decision? 
And it wasn't the company. 
Wasn't the team. 

I just had to.

There's a quote saying,
 'Sometimes the best way to win a battle is to lose'.
I don't want to explain further. 
I couldn't find the best way to explain it to myself either. 

Let me just take this leap of faith. 
I may rise, or I may fall. This is the challenge. And I'm ready. Bring it on. 

T minus 10 days to 31st July 2015. 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Missing Star

It has been .. ages .. Oh my .. 
Well, I guess i was too caught up with studies and emotions and things .. whatever they were ..
Oh well, nothing beats the feeling of finally being a graduate..
and jobless at the moment -_-

Let's skip that.. 
Here's a superb song by Yuna, i believe it's one of her earliest masterpiece, even before she was famous..
It's called 'Missing Star'.

Every word .. means a little bit of something to someone who is a little every bit of everything to me..

And don't cry.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ten years old.

When it's summer, the snow falls.
When it's spring, the leaf withers.
When it's winter, the sun shines.
When it's autumn, the flower blooms.
Everything is not right,
when you are not by my side. 

                  - Genevie, 2002.

Praying that somehow things will change. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Missed flight for the first time :)

Location : Starbucks LCCT
Time : 3.07 pm

Yup :) I just missed my flight. KL-MYY. 
I don't know if this is entirely my fault, but .. hmm, i'll let you judge this time. 

My flight was supposed to be at 12.50pm. I reached LCCT around 12.00pm, hung out talking to my babe, Angie in the car until around 12.15pm. 
Oh, and I already checked in since last night. 

I went into departure hall around 12.20pm, and I saw my gate P5, and there were many people sitting down, which made me 'assumed' that we haven't board yet. 
So, I waited and waited. And I can't recall if there was any announcement made. 
All I could remember was, they did call out a boy's name, and that boy hurriedly walked out of the hall.

So, I was a fool too. I admit. 
So, I missed the flight. I asked why didn't they call out my name ( BECAUSE I'VE CHECKED IN, in the system, i supposed i am a 'missing' passenger ), they said they no longer practice calling out names. 

Me: How about the boy?
Officer: Oh, maybe because he 'dropped his IC' or something. We just need to identify him.

Very 'reasonable' indeed.

But what pissed me off was that, 
1) We often hear names being called out, especially passengers who have checked in but haven't board. Why no call my name laaaa ? Aiyo ... 
2 ) What's the point of doing head count, if it's not to make sure ALL your passengers are on board ? 

Well, whatever it is, what sadden me the MOST is that, hmm, missed flight = new flight ticket = MONEY ! 

So my dad has to fork out extra RM150 as a penalty , in addition to the already paid RM 400 for my return flight ticket. 

Daddy, I'm sorry. I promise I will be a good girl and will never disappoint you.

Lesson learnt. Moral of the story:
1) NEVER EVER EVER take things for granted. We might think they will, sometimes they WON'T.
2) Don't be a FOOL. Keep waiting won't solve problems. ACTION does !

Ok la.. 
Need to go into the departure hall now. I'm gonna go in ONE HOUR earlier. Stand besides the gate, be the first to board,  if possible. Hahaha ! 

Miri, see u at sunset. KL, don't miss me :) I'll be back :) 

Muka kerisauan earlier. Tau pun risau. Tapi no action taken. A slap to my face. Haahhaah !

Don't worry. Itu tadi. Now sudah happy. As long as I get to see my family soooon. Enjoying my Chocolate Cream Chip :) 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Indian Muslim Wedding

The next day, 17/03/2012, I was honored to be invited to attend my friend's sister's wedding. My friend ni nama dia Nizam. But sorry Nizam, I x ingat nama kakak u -_- Sorry Sorry Sorry for the ignorance :p 

Ok. I have been to Malay Wedding, like .. once :p .. Never been to an Indian Wedding before. So, this was an Indian-Muslim Wedding, that means second Malay wedding and first Indian wedding. So kawan-kawan, sila la kawen cepat - cepat ok. :p 

So, the wedding theme was Indian. So, the bride and bridegroom chose Indian traditional costume. Nurul and I pulak , terhegeh - hegeh nak pakai Saree la jugak kan :p Well, thank you so much Nurul for the idea and also for borrowing Saree from her friend, Ambiga Ganasan, for me :) Baik kan my friend ni. Everything was prepared for me .. hik hik hik .

The day started with both of us pegi ke kedai Saree to tie our Saree. Tak pandai ok lilit-lilitkan kain yang panjang berpuluh-puluh meter tu. And I was surprised because one Saree tying costed RM 25 eachhhhhh ok .. Mahal gileeee .. It's ok .. I dah tau how she tied my Saree,so next time, siapa-siapa want to ikat Saree after this, please come to mama !! hahahaah :p

I love my Saree :) Black always brings out my colour, although it is the one colour that I always try to avoid la jugak. 

I can't remember nama kedai ni, but i'll update once I get the info ok :) Mana tau ada yang nak tie Saree here kan. I have to warn you first, RM25 for each Saree ok :) 

The wedding was held kat Assunta Hall, belakang Assunta Hospital. 

This entry was titled 'Indian Muslim Wedding' tapi I don't have any pictures of the couple -_- More to Nurul and I and a few friends punya gamba la :p It's alright la kan :) 

Cute kan the door gifttttt ?? Cute kan cute kan ? Please say yesssss ! Prepared by Nurul :)

Enjoy the pictures :)
Banyak gambar kitorg yang camwhore-camwhore sahaja ya :) 

haaaa .. Ini Boy or Khairul Baharudin, he is an amazinggggggggg MakeUp Artist ok.. He did my make up masa Press Conference for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012.Flawless ! ..

 Macam barbie doll kan (kahkahkahkah)

You can find him on Facebook, or Twitter @KhaiBaha

Ok back to business :p 

Nurul and I, posing atas tangga pun jadi jugak .. And my Charles & Keith sandal :) RM 25 only ok ! Bought masa Warehouse Sales the other day :) 

With Firdaus :) 

The red looks nice on Nurul kan ..

So, sekian saja Entry ini :) I hope you enjoyed it :)

My intention is just to share my joy my story, it's up to you if you like it or if you don't :) 

Lots of Muahmuah,
Genevie !

Class Outing !!!!

Jumaat lepas, 16/03/2012, sy dan dak2 class sy tgh mengadakan perkelahan (btol ke) di Hutan Lipur Sg. Kanching.

Ok ok, enuff with ayat2 skema.

As this is our final year, final semester for most of them,and of course another semester for myself, so we decided to take a day out of our hectic schedule, and planned for a picnic. 

Nothing much to say, of course it was fun, I did not swim because I just did not feel like it :p I helped with the BBQ tho :p I pandai la jugak ok . Orang Ulu katakannnnnn .. 

One thing about this place, damnnnn ALOT of monkeyysssssss .. 
They are harmless,tapi takut also la .. Sempat jugak 'tertengok' SiMon Key tgh 'project'. Adoii.. get a room la .
Our 'excitement' started with one monkey snatched a plastic of Nasi lemak from Ely, who was holding it. 
So one advice, tak payah nak tayang your BMW ke, Lambo ke, Ferrari ke kalau plan to go there, you don't wanna go back with missing radio antenna ke, car rain guards ke. Ok ? :) 

Enjoy the pik-caaaaaaaaas :) 

Ini lah kitorg. 27 orang. 

Kereta2 yg terlibat :p Tq to Bal, Ed, Mazril, Shikin, Famie and Uwais yang provide transport.

Saya tumpang kereta Ed @ Lin Dan :p Thnxx Ed !!

Nice kan the waterfall ? :) We had to climb up HUNDREDS of stairs ( ini tipu ) .. Tiringgggg ok!! Lama tak workout :p 

7kg of Kerang jadi mangsaaaaaa !!

Ayam BBQ recipe Famie and Uwais. Not bad kan our boys :) 

Bila dak2 laki pegi semayang Jumaat, kitorg pun dgn pantassss nyaa membakar Kerang dan menikmatinya dengan pose masing2 ..

Nice pose boys :)

And the girls :) 

 Me pulak, berangan jadi mermaid yang ber sun tan di tepi pantai yang indah.. 

With Shikinnnnnn :)

The girls. Except for Shikin, Shakila and Shasha yang had to balik awal.

Let's cherish this precious moment friends :) Approx. 4 months before you guys graduate :) I hope we all had a good time studying together, and of course, we will definitely have more and more good times together in the future :) 

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Chemical and Process Group EH 221 A,

All the best to our future undertakingssss, may we land the best career, may we marry the person we love and , and may we have lots and lots and lots of kids :) 

Till then, Love you all :)