Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walking down memory lane - Beauty Camp

#copied from my post in Facebook.

It's the final week of Beauty Camp. I don't know what is in the other girls' minds, but I am trying to hold my tears here. It has been almost A MONTH ! Wow. I still remember the first time I met these girls. I first saw Jascinta when we went for Sunway Pyramid Casting Call together. And then, I remember Gabriella, Juanita and Suchitra from the Call Back. My favorite back then was and is still Suchitra, I love her SMILE ! And then, there was the Official Finalist Photoshoot. There, I met Kimberly, Lu Xanne and Deviyah .. Another three gorgeous girls. When I first saw Kim, I was like DAMN, this girl is GORGEOUS ! .. then I saw Lu Xanne, her DIMPLES, omg ! And this girl is photogenic too ! .. Deviyah Deviyah Deviyah I miss that girl. She is REAL.

September 28 2011! The day we checked into Beauty Camp. Everyone was still a little bit shy. I find myself talking more to Lu Xanne, Deviyah and Suchitra. And then, next thing you know, we were running up into our mansion to get the BEST ROOM, which was on the 2nd floor on the left ( As told by Marky,MUMO crew) .. I was among the last to reach up coz I thought everyone must have got into THAT room. And then, BOOM, I got into the Master Bedroom ! And my room mates are Jascinta, Gabriella, Kimberley, Suchitra and Deviyah.

From that day on, a whole new experience in life begins. We all walk forward and since then, we never stop. Too many sweet memories, too many valuable experiences. Drama, jokes, laughter, crying moments, b*tching moments ( we are normal human being after all ) ...

Too many ups and downs. Bottom 6. ( Talk to me about it, I was there TWICE in a ROW) .. Yes, I was in the Bottom 6 twice. First challenge, I did not really stand out in the Little Black Dress Group Photoshoot. The challenge was to STAND OUT. The comments I got was I was a little bit 'too overly seductive'. Something about me that I was never ever aware of. Until most of the girls in the house AGREED to that !(whattttt??) .. huhuhu. It's alright. I shall take that as a compliment. So, Malaysia voted and I was SAVED ! Thank God! Thank you Malaysia ! God bless Malaysia !

And then, the second challenge. Photo shooting with a PYTHON! .. I was paired up with Cassandra. The thing is, I have never ever ever ever touch a snake before in my WHOLE LIFE. and for God sake, can't they give me a small tiny weeny snake for start ? And what did they have in store for me ? A HUGE PYTHON as big as my thigh ! ( No la, my thighs ain't that huge ) .. I failed there, I couldn't control my fear, and it showed clearly on my face. ( Blame the python, kept crawling behind my neck!) Alasan je ! haha .. Again, I was in the Bottom 6 ! When Andrea Fonseka announced that I was in the Bottom 6, I cried like cried like seriously cried. I am not a cry baby. My loved ones know that I don't cry easily. But day, I cried and cried and cried. The reason was because I felt that I disappointed everyone. I let everyone down. I ALMOST give up. But I gained my composure and I told my self, I AIN'T GONNA STOP UNTIL I'M DONE. I AIN'T GONNA QUIT UNTIL I'VE WON -BEP. For the whole week, I only aimed to go higher and higher and higher and since then, there was no looking back. The day Malaysians know that I was again up for elimination, OMG, the amount of supports that I got was like *speechless*. I was SAVED again for the SECOND TIME. And that is how much MALAYSIA LOVES ME. For who I am, what I have done, what I have achieved. I won't let failure bring me down, they won't let failure take away their trust in me I am so so blessed ..

And then, there was the THIRD CHALLENGE. We had to pose as a mannequin. I thank thank God Andrea Fonseka was there. She is such a NICE PERSON (although she has the vibe that usually makes people feels intimidated by her ). She pushed me so that I could give my best pose my best facial expression. And as what I promised EVERYONE out there, I WAS NOT UP FOR ELIMINATION ! Wooohoooooooooo ! You have no idea how relieved I felt ! I felt like the world is mine. I felt like dancing in the rain naked ( Just like what Maradona promised for World Cup ) . But, no. I did not ! haha. For the first time in three weeks, I felt that I am actually GOOD and GIRLS, WATCH OUT FOR GEE ! .. hehe ! ..

So, yah.. To make this LOOOONG story short, the GIRLS,they are like my sisters. Beauty Camp is like my home. I don't know how else, or what's the best way to explain my feelings right now. But what I know for sure, I will surely miss this place. I will miss the girls. I will miss MUMO crews, Kelly, Benjy, Marky. I will miss the production crews. I will miss Andrea Fonseka. I will miss BEAUTY CAMP. Whatever happens today in Beauty Camp Episode 5, my only hope is that Malaysia will support and vote for me no matter what. Andrea Fonseka have faith in me. And she keeps saying that she's PROUD of me. Of how I've grown in this one month. That has been my pillar of strength in Beauty Camp. And God too. God is so good to me. My family, my friends and to all of you out there who doesn't know me, but still vote for me. WOW ! .. I surely have a lot of expectations to be met here .. Don't worry people. Malaysians, REGARDLESS OF STATES, east west north and south, Give me the chance to ROCK THE STAGE on Nov 10! You will see how much I've grown and I will definitely make all of you proud. You know what, as strong as I am, I am having hard time holding back my tears now. I love you all so so much. I am so privileged and blessed to be given a chance to be one of the Finalists for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012! .. I have been going up and up and up since Day 1.

When I walked into Beauty Camp, I was a strong person. And When I walk out from this place, I am going to be the strongest person I have been God bless you all ! Amen.

Love, Gee.