Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Audition for Miss Global International Malaysia 2011

So .... I went for the audition last Sunday 20th Feb 2011.. It wasn't an easy process ..

Concentrating on judges' questions :)

So, I knew about this pageant from the organizer herself, Miss Marlene. She was the current Miss Global International 2010 World Level 2nd Runner Up and also Miss Congeniality.
I decided to try because I know and trust the organizer. She is very active in charity as well.. This will be my 2nd Pageant after Miss Borneo Beautiful 2010.. Oh ya, incase you dont know yet, I managed to get 1st Runner Up .. Not bad for first timer rightt ??? :)

The whole experience was pricelesss .. Met new friends, friends who are very supportive.. So win or lose doesn't really matters actually, but the experience itself is GOLD .. So, I got GOLD and, fortunately, the CASH :) .. kachinnnggg ..

Well, back to Miss Global International Malaysia 2011.. I thought I was going to hand in my application forms only, because I did my interview back in January.. Turned out, I was asked to do a second interview infront of 3 judges.. First thing in mind, SCARY LIKE HELL .. :p .. Well, I do need more n more practise for interview skill :)

So, there I was, back from church from Baby Nikael ( i hope i got the her name right ) blessing .. I was wearing very 'churchly' top with jeans .. hahahaha .. So, I just took off the outer layer and decided to go in for the interview in a spaghetti strap ..

Credit to Yusuf :)

The audition was in Subang Avenue. There I met my good friend Yusuf and Nick .. Because I had filled in the form earlier, they RUSHED me to go in straight.. ( There were two other girls still filling in their forms -_- )

Out of breath .. -_- .. I went in.. There they were .. Three intimidate-looking judges .. :p .. Marlene was one of them. I took my seat and said a short prayer and hoped everything will go well ..

Well, as the interview goes, I think they asked around 8-10 questions. Each needed to be thought properly before answering.. Well, I felt I failed that area because I tried to answer all questions using whatever that came across my mind.. End up, I was going around bushes before hitting the point for some of the questions .. But, I still hope I was good enough .. Personally, I thought I did much much better than the first interview in January ..

The funny experience was ........ they asked me to SING and DANCE .. well, I did put singing and playing guitar as my talent :p .. But I admit I am not really a good one, I just need to practise before perform .. And I did put dancing as my hobby .. Well, everyone loves dancing rite .. But only some are good at it :) Im exceptional ..

The worst thing happened to me.. I went BLANK .. couldn't think of ONE SINGLE SONG .. I can sing while driving to class, I can sing infront of my lappy .. But the crucial time I needed to have ATLEAST a song in my head ??? That's the time my head went blank -_- ..

I could only think of one song .. one song .. only this one song .. I tried to push the song away, making way for another song to jump into my mind .. I CANT ! ...

It was a Christian song .. in BM .. So, I said to the judges, I can only think of one Christian song .. They said, go on.. The song is called 'Engkaulah Kekuatanku' .. Here goes,

Engkaulah kekuatanku .. Tempat Perlindunganku .. Walau badai menerpa .. Aku tak akan goyah .. Aku tak akan goyah .. Sbab Kau sertaku ..

May God bless me :) God did bless me on that day.. I think I sang quite well ( my sister will be vomitting at this point :p ) ..

As for the dancing, I am no good dancer.. I only LOVE to dance .. Luckily Marlene said the magic word, TRADITIONAL dance is also ok ..

Haha .. U guessed it, I did NGAJAT .. a traditional KAYAN dance :) .. I don't want to comment more :p ..

Well, the audition finally was over, I hope I did good enough.. The result will be announced in March :) Let's just wait and see .. The Final will be in Miri on the 30th July .. YES, during my practical .. I'll see what I can do bout it .. I seriously don't want to give up before trying .. I will fight for it no matter what .. Yes, I will ..

Oh ya, I saw the other girls' pictures .. they were HOT n PRETTY :) .. To all the girls, good luck .. Win or lose, atleast we all learn new experience :) You can view them at http://pageantisland.com/some-of-miss-global-international-malaysia-2011-kl-audition-contestants-beautiful-all

Nah, for those who have not seen the WINNING picture :) .. From left: ME :) , Winner Natasha Charmaine and 2nd Runner Up Debra Robert.

Love, g3e ..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Day ..

My bf not a jiwang2 type .. So, I didn't get roses on V's day .. infact, my whole life, I only received flower once :) .. From a friend .. It was orange, can't remember whether rose or .. I sent him out on a 'black rose' quest .. He came back with this orange flower .. so Sweet of him :)

Actually, 'YOU' know what, u can just print out a black rose from the net :) ..

there, a black rose :)

Whatever it is, I was happy i get to spend V's Day with my Bf and plus a double date with his parents :) STEAMBOAT yummy !!

ps: Lucky those who received roses, teddys, chocolates .. Altho I did not receive any, as long as I know our V's day is not on 14th Feb only :) .. Infact I asked him to pay for my lingerie last saturday :p .. so considered V's Day present la .. FOR MYSELF .. not FOR HIM ok, tlg jgn buat spekulasi :p .. ehemmm ..

testing .. testing .. 1 2 3 ..

Well , Hi !!!! :) This is gonna be my first trial at blogging ( is this what u call it ? or just 'writing a blog' ) .. I know I know .. Im quite behind in all this tech stuff -_- .. ok well .. Today, 15 Feb 2011 , is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY !!!!!!!!!!! Maulidur Rasul ( I hope I get the spelling right ) yeayyyyy !!

But but but ... it's not a fun holiday for me -_- .. Im all alone.. YES .. i HATE being alone .. my bf is at work .. YES .. he's at work on a public holiday .. Bcoz ... no need to explain la ;p open ur mind .. not all company in Malaysia follow M'sia Public Holiday .. aiyak .. i 'accidentally' explained :p ..

Well, seriously i have no idea how to start.

I wanna have a topic to talk bout, but there's too many things in my mind rite now .. The one that bothers me the most is that IM ALONE ON A HOLIDAY, AND I HAVE NO MONEY TO DO ANYTHING -_- ..

Blame it on Shell for not giving out scholarship yet .. adoi .. cepatla .. suda kemiskinan ..

well, I was msging my BF just now, telling him how bored I am .. how today is so dull coz im not going anywhere.. stuck in the room wif laptop n a TV, wif no nice pictures to watch .. I kept msging him telling how i want to 'manja' la .. i want to go out la .. i want to go here n there la ..

Until one point I felt like Im actually bothering him too much ..

but he didn't even say anything..

He just said , baby, im bz wif my work .. Baby, Im typing email .. Baby, I need to go somewhere ..

Usually smokes will come out from my nose like a dragon everytime if he doesnt layan me .. bcoz I always wish he'll get my msg, take a day leave or half day leave, drive all the way from KL to fetch me, drive me to anywhere I want, stop at every place I feel like eating ..

Yes, I am quite demanding at times ..


But today, suddenly it struck me that .. hmmm .. I should stop doing that .. He's bz at work, trying to fit himself into a new role, doing the best to impress top management, making sure he'll get what he wants .. All this, just to give a brighter future ..

So, Im gonna just sit back n relax, let him do all the wonders he can do, all just to provide me and our kids in the future :) hihiiihhihi

Sometimes I am annoyed at myself .. I dont know y .. I just dont like to be alone .. Everytime I have this feeling, I will always always always always wish that Im in Miri ..

Coz Miri is where my heart is .. Really ..

Well, Im just gonna sit in my room .. Bikin besar lagi saya punya punggung .. I actually have alot of works to do .. STUPID semester.. Well, I think i'm gonna start with Process Control which should have been passed up like ... 3 weeks ago ?? .. xpe .. I kan anak kesayangan AABI :) ..

ciao .. till I see u again dolls n balls ~ ..

ps : hope u all dunt mind the spelling or grammar error .. I am not perfect :)