Friday, March 23, 2012

Indian Muslim Wedding

The next day, 17/03/2012, I was honored to be invited to attend my friend's sister's wedding. My friend ni nama dia Nizam. But sorry Nizam, I x ingat nama kakak u -_- Sorry Sorry Sorry for the ignorance :p 

Ok. I have been to Malay Wedding, like .. once :p .. Never been to an Indian Wedding before. So, this was an Indian-Muslim Wedding, that means second Malay wedding and first Indian wedding. So kawan-kawan, sila la kawen cepat - cepat ok. :p 

So, the wedding theme was Indian. So, the bride and bridegroom chose Indian traditional costume. Nurul and I pulak , terhegeh - hegeh nak pakai Saree la jugak kan :p Well, thank you so much Nurul for the idea and also for borrowing Saree from her friend, Ambiga Ganasan, for me :) Baik kan my friend ni. Everything was prepared for me .. hik hik hik .

The day started with both of us pegi ke kedai Saree to tie our Saree. Tak pandai ok lilit-lilitkan kain yang panjang berpuluh-puluh meter tu. And I was surprised because one Saree tying costed RM 25 eachhhhhh ok .. Mahal gileeee .. It's ok .. I dah tau how she tied my Saree,so next time, siapa-siapa want to ikat Saree after this, please come to mama !! hahahaah :p

I love my Saree :) Black always brings out my colour, although it is the one colour that I always try to avoid la jugak. 

I can't remember nama kedai ni, but i'll update once I get the info ok :) Mana tau ada yang nak tie Saree here kan. I have to warn you first, RM25 for each Saree ok :) 

The wedding was held kat Assunta Hall, belakang Assunta Hospital. 

This entry was titled 'Indian Muslim Wedding' tapi I don't have any pictures of the couple -_- More to Nurul and I and a few friends punya gamba la :p It's alright la kan :) 

Cute kan the door gifttttt ?? Cute kan cute kan ? Please say yesssss ! Prepared by Nurul :)

Enjoy the pictures :)
Banyak gambar kitorg yang camwhore-camwhore sahaja ya :) 

haaaa .. Ini Boy or Khairul Baharudin, he is an amazinggggggggg MakeUp Artist ok.. He did my make up masa Press Conference for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012.Flawless ! ..

 Macam barbie doll kan (kahkahkahkah)

You can find him on Facebook, or Twitter @KhaiBaha

Ok back to business :p 

Nurul and I, posing atas tangga pun jadi jugak .. And my Charles & Keith sandal :) RM 25 only ok ! Bought masa Warehouse Sales the other day :) 

With Firdaus :) 

The red looks nice on Nurul kan ..

So, sekian saja Entry ini :) I hope you enjoyed it :)

My intention is just to share my joy my story, it's up to you if you like it or if you don't :) 

Lots of Muahmuah,
Genevie !