Friday, March 23, 2012

Class Outing !!!!

Jumaat lepas, 16/03/2012, sy dan dak2 class sy tgh mengadakan perkelahan (btol ke) di Hutan Lipur Sg. Kanching.

Ok ok, enuff with ayat2 skema.

As this is our final year, final semester for most of them,and of course another semester for myself, so we decided to take a day out of our hectic schedule, and planned for a picnic. 

Nothing much to say, of course it was fun, I did not swim because I just did not feel like it :p I helped with the BBQ tho :p I pandai la jugak ok . Orang Ulu katakannnnnn .. 

One thing about this place, damnnnn ALOT of monkeyysssssss .. 
They are harmless,tapi takut also la .. Sempat jugak 'tertengok' SiMon Key tgh 'project'. Adoii.. get a room la .
Our 'excitement' started with one monkey snatched a plastic of Nasi lemak from Ely, who was holding it. 
So one advice, tak payah nak tayang your BMW ke, Lambo ke, Ferrari ke kalau plan to go there, you don't wanna go back with missing radio antenna ke, car rain guards ke. Ok ? :) 

Enjoy the pik-caaaaaaaaas :) 

Ini lah kitorg. 27 orang. 

Kereta2 yg terlibat :p Tq to Bal, Ed, Mazril, Shikin, Famie and Uwais yang provide transport.

Saya tumpang kereta Ed @ Lin Dan :p Thnxx Ed !!

Nice kan the waterfall ? :) We had to climb up HUNDREDS of stairs ( ini tipu ) .. Tiringgggg ok!! Lama tak workout :p 

7kg of Kerang jadi mangsaaaaaa !!

Ayam BBQ recipe Famie and Uwais. Not bad kan our boys :) 

Bila dak2 laki pegi semayang Jumaat, kitorg pun dgn pantassss nyaa membakar Kerang dan menikmatinya dengan pose masing2 ..

Nice pose boys :)

And the girls :) 

 Me pulak, berangan jadi mermaid yang ber sun tan di tepi pantai yang indah.. 

With Shikinnnnnn :)

The girls. Except for Shikin, Shakila and Shasha yang had to balik awal.

Let's cherish this precious moment friends :) Approx. 4 months before you guys graduate :) I hope we all had a good time studying together, and of course, we will definitely have more and more good times together in the future :) 

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Chemical and Process Group EH 221 A,

All the best to our future undertakingssss, may we land the best career, may we marry the person we love and , and may we have lots and lots and lots of kids :) 

Till then, Love you all :) 

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